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I was driving yesterday for my monthly slot on Theresa Mosley’s radio show and I was practicing my vocal exercises.  Truth be told, I haven’t been practicing lately.

I had to laugh at myself thinking that there was any chance that practicing breathing and articulation during my drive was going to have much of an impact.  It’s so easy to practice too, 10 minutes or less a day is all I need.  And I have been accused recently of mumbling, meaning my speech is getting lazy.  Just like any personal trainer would say, a little movement a day is better than nothing.  Just like, a life coach would say, 5 minutes of meditation per day makes a difference.

So, why do we slack off these basics?  Why do we keep having to re-learn the simple things that will make our lives better?  I’m sure there are psychological studies and research, but it’s easiest to say … Because we are human.  It’s in our nature.

As a coach, I’m not so interested in the why of how we are.  I want to discuss the reality of it and how to get back to the basics more often.  Here’s a quick and dirty list for Getting Back to the Basics:

  1. Acceptance. For months, maybe even years, you’ll eat healthy, then all the sudden you drop off.  It becomes 6 months of fast food, frozen pizzas, and fried everything and you find yourself needing to get back to the basics.  You don’t have to beat yourself up.  You can just start over.  Re-learn, find new recipes, and know that getting back to the basics is a part of life.
  2. Put in Safeguards. Pick what works for you and your budget.  Plan to re-read a self-up book once a year, have a standing appointment with a coach or personal trainer every 6 weeks, listen to motivational podcasts on your drive to work, take classes, sign-up for workshops, register for that 5K.  Learn new things and be reminded of the best advice you already know.
  3. Be Gentle. Being self-critical is like hitting the slow-motion button.  The sooner we can get a hold of that inner voice and cut ourselves some slack, the faster we can get back on track to better habits.
  4. Don’t Get Defensive. When working with my vocal coach, Deb, she will always come back to my need for practice.  She doesn’t lecture, she gently reminds me, and I don’t get defensive.  I know I can practice more.  I know that sometimes I can’t practice more.  Most of all, I know I’m best when I have people in my life who remind me of the basics.
  5. Add Joy. When are we most likely to stray from the basics?  When we feel stressed, tired, lonely, anxious, etc.  The more we can remember to have some fun, a basic need by the way, the more we can feel in flow.

How about you?  How do you get back to the basics?  Let’s share what works.

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