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Stories to inspire and motivate your life written from our own experiences and personal discoveries.

Careful!!!  Are You Abusing Newsfeeds?

A large portion of the population uses social media as part of their daily routine.  The Facebook Feed is a source of news and connection.  “If it didn’t hit my newsfeed, it probably wasn’t that interesting,” you might say.  Showing up at a family function and asking...

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I’m NOT Taking Sides!!

Okay, so I’m totally taking sides. I’m 100% Team YOU. And, because I’m Team YOU, I can’t jump on the blame train. I know it helps to vent and I will listen. I will make an occasional joke to lighten the mood. I will agree that it’s mostly the other person’s fault but...

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Does Your Open Door Policy Need Boundaries?

I was a coach long before coach training.  Before I fully understood the Core Competencies of coaching or my own ability to provide a safe place for others to build their own confidence and power.  My cubicle was a place for people to check-in, stop by to chat, and...

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Why Your Fake Finish Lines are Ruining Your Life?

Okay, so yes, this is a byline to grab your attention and now that I have it, maybe I don’t mean “RUINING” your life, but I certainly am concerned about the fake finish lines you create. I’m currently working with two young ladies whom have clocks ticking to decide on...

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The Art of the Thank You Card

I was taught that a Thank You Card matters.  Handwritten, thoughtful, and timely.  I don’t remember a clear conversation from mom or grandma.  I can’t recall a specific example mirrored to me.  I do know there was an occasional, “And can you...

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You ARE the Face of Your Business/Career and It Matters!

I’ve been talking about this for years because it’s essential.  And, because so many people loath the idea.  I’m talking about executives too, not just small business owners.  We’re becoming an increasingly visual world and there’s no looking back.  It’s the secret...

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