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Do Crystals Really Work?

*I wrote this pre-pandemic and I thought we could use a lighter topic to start off our week.  🙂 Who knows?  Who cares? Do you own them?  Enjoy them?  Charge them by the full moon?  Have you cautiously been paying attention to the growing trend but not embraced it? ...

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I Am The Greatest

I’ve been writing for the past two weeks and trying to decide if I had anything of substance to add to the corona conversation.  Last week I skipped a blog post because I felt overwhelmed by the online noise and plethora of opinions that are ever changing. I know...

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Activating Boundary Superpowers!

People always ask me about boundaries.  We talk a lot “of” boundaries and there is no shortage of Instagram quotes applauding boundaries, yet it’s still confusing.  Let me see if I can help shine some light on the topic.  Let’s start by thinking of yourself as a...

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What’s with Young People and Anxiety?

One of the things that I’ve learned through working with young people and anxiety is that they have a way of articulating their experiences that is refreshing. The next generation has created a whole new language for anxiety. When I first was getting asked by parents...

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Eleven Reasons NOT to Hire a Coach

1. You believe self-improvement and personal development are a bunch of hooey but your loved one or boss wants you to go. 2. You aren’t finished blaming your mother, father, ethnicity, religion, 2nd grade teacher, high school girlfriend, and/or ex-husband yet for...

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It’s Insight that Evokes REAL Change

It’s Insight that Evokes REAL Change

I remember my first week at a very large, well known organization and my first observation was the lingo.  It was corporate speak on steroids and very specific to the organization.  Over the years, large, branded companies create their own language.  It fascinated me,...

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