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Stories to inspire and motivate your life written from our own experiences and personal discovories.

Qualifiers are Killing your Confidence

I did some writing for an organization recently and the early 20 something person who had requested the writing did an edit on my article and basically added a bunch of unnecessary words.  I immediately thought of the famous quote, “I would have written a shorter...

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Feeling Sticky is Part of Life

In honor of the weather being hot, humid, and just plain sticky … let’s talk about feeling stuck.  Depression is serious and finding solutions specific to you that support your mental health are important.  I will say however that it’s not uncommon for people to rush...

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Hey Novice!  Pay Attention!!

My first yoga class was 12 years ago.  I remember how intimidated I felt to try something new.  It was Iowa in 2006 and while yoga was popular, it wasn’t quite everywhere yet in the Midwest like today.  I had no idea what I was doing in that first class, but I loved...

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New Twist on An Old Toleration

This is a re-post from a year ago, but I wanted to add a new twist.  This year, I did actually purchase rhubarb and strawberries but I did not tax myself to make something from scratch and overwhelming, I cheated with a box mix.  Still kept my toleration in check and...

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Asking Questions

Question #1 Last month Windley Works launched the first video in our series, Powerful Questions with Coach Jen.  It received positive feedback and I wanted to share what stood out the most for followers.  Question #1 is What Does a Powerful Question Mean to You and I...

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The Brutality of Sales Cycles

This past weekend I was at my brother’s house in Milwaukee where the temperatures were unseasonably cold.  I kept grabbing a Cubs sweatshirt from his closet.  One of those perfectly broken-in sweatshirts that you would love to accidently wear home.  I pulled all the...

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