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You Aren’t Actually Afraid of The Work

The human body and mind are designed to work.  If you don’t believe me, then why do you feel like crap after too much junk food, binge-watching of Netflix, and general sloth-like laziness.  That slothiness in moderation can be a rest or a treat but if allowed to...

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Let’s Talk Anxiety!     

Show of hands for those who learned to suck it up.  Keep quiet, power through, and put your head down and work.  What about those times when you couldn’t muster another rep of the ‘suck it up’ muscle so you didn’t go for the big thing?  You hid, told yourself a story...

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4 Tips for the 800,000 Federal Workers

I’ve been thinking a lot about the federal workers who aren’t being paid.  I can’t help but be reminded of my days on medical leave during a cancer. It clearly wasn’t my fault I wasn’t able to work, to make money.  This was my third cancer diagnosis and during the...

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If Ever to Stir Desperation, Excitement, and Practicality

Once I was in a coach/therapist’s office rambling on and on about something I’m sure I had rambled on and on about before.  I just wasn’t finding a way to learn the lesson(s).  Dr finally jumped in with Mary Oliver.  She couldn’t take me for a second longer.  I’m sure...

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Just Start!

Have you seen this latest Facebook challenge?  Post your very first profile picture next to your latest profile picture.  Cary found it funny since he’s been on Facebook for less than 2 years and only has one profile pic.  But for the many of us who have now enjoyed,...

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Bullied at Work?

This past year of the Me Too Movement has sparked conversations around abuse in the workplace, I feel strongly that we be careful to remember that men are affected in these environments too.  We are all understanding the dynamics of workplace power in new ways. ...

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