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Book Release

Book Release44 SOFT "Softening in a world, determined to make us hard"COMING SOON! Drop your info below to be the first to know the release of Coach Jen's new book, 44

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Passages from Quarantine

I’m taking 6 of my favorite non-fiction books and giving each of them a Quarantine Random Flip to see what we might need to hear or be reminded of right now. Book #1:  Slowing Down to the Speed of Life by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey.  Random Flip, page 119. ...

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Did James Taylor Have it Right?

Has your perspective of time changed during this quarantine? Time management is a frequent coaching topic and a favorite exercise of mine is to hour by hour go through with a client how they are spending their time. It's amazing where we find time and wasted time....

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Which Surrender Will You Choose?

I’ve had cancer 3 times. The first time, my mom sat in the corner, the doctor across from me, a nurse was holding my hand which should have been the sign. I went into denial where I mostly stayed despite the side effects of chemo trying to shake me awake. The second...

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Burn Baby Burn

Here’s another post I wrote a couple of months ago.  Seems like it might be a great activity for some of these strong feelings we're all having right now during quarantine.  Bonfire season is beginning… It’s been eye-opening coaching teens and learning how many of...

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Do Crystals Really Work?

*I wrote this pre-pandemic and I thought we could use a lighter topic to start off our week.  🙂 Who knows?  Who cares? Do you own them?  Enjoy them?  Charge them by the full moon?  Have you cautiously been paying attention to the growing trend but not embraced it? ...

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