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Stories to inspire and motivate your life written from our own experiences and personal discoveries.

Wendi the Beagle Teaches Self-Care

No new blog this week because I woke up with a nasty cold. Boo! Here’s the thing though, I was running my life and business at lightening speed. I kept telling myself this would happen, yet I didn’t slow down for a little self-care. So, Life/God/The Universe is...

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Why Not Try a Project First?

To take on a partner or not?  To work with a friend or not?  To get into business with family?  Could I work with my spouse? I have mixed feelings on business partnerships.  I work with my spouse.  Yet we learned from practically day one to draw firm boundaries...

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A Conversation with Pride

Pride:  Hi Journey, I hear you’re seeing a coach.  What’s that all about? Journey:  I want to move forward and reach my goals. Pride:  Why would you pay money for that?  Don’t you realize how weak asking for help looks, let alone if people find out you’re paying for...

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Business Marketing Starts with YOUR Consumption

The best piece of stock advice I ever received was to buy stock in companies that you’re a consumer of first.  It’s an effective strategy because chances are high if your consuming lattes at Starbucks, buying books on Amazon, or getting lost at Target…others are too. ...

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Duh Moments Happen

In my house, bananas are tricky.  One of us likes em’ good and ripe.  The other likes em’ on the green side.  We tend to both miss the ideal banana and I have for a very long time talked about freezing them as they would start to become too brown.  I could use them...

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Coffee and Conflict

I witnessed an intense situation. It was one of those moments that was happening in a public space that should be in private. I was caught in that awkwardness of….do I leave? Wait….is it worse if I leave? A young woman slammed herself down at a table next to me and...

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