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Are You Really A Lazy Bum?

By jennifer | December 11, 2017

Winter has officially arrived in Michigan and while we knew it was coming, being December and all, it still has been an adjustment.  As the snow falls and we struggle to get warm, I keep finding the people in my life questioning their productivity.  Labels of tired, exhausted, lazy, and depressed are all emerging.  Yet when they go over all the things they have accomplished in the past week…it’s impressive…and

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The Conversation Affects Men Too

By jennifer | December 3, 2017

As the conversations continue around abuse in the workplace, I feel strongly that we be careful not to forget about men.  The men who are understanding the dynamics of workplace power in a new way are reaching out to women and learning.  They are retracing their work history and they are also seeing abuse of power as a puzzle that affects them too. One of the organizations I worked for

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Schedule “Your Fun” This Season

By jennifer | November 27, 2017

Back to the gym, back to portion conscious eating, and back to work.  Is that you?  OR…are you scouring on to make sure you don’t miss a Cyber Monday deal?  OR…are you already feeling overwhelmed and Scrooged-Out before the Christmas Season takes off? I’m hearing from busy parents who are obsessed with creating holiday memories that will last a lifetime and they are also desperate to teach their children

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Phew!  It’s a Holiday Week

By jennifer | November 20, 2017

Let me tell you about my last week.  Monday was a busy but rewarding client-filled day.  Tuesday was insane.  A mastermind of women met for 2 hours and we discussed navigating the ever-spinning social media marketing world and how to manage our businesses without going crazy.  I left feeling a bit…well…crazy.  Then a lunch turned into a coaching session of ME.  Biggest conclusion…I need to relax and slow down…  Then

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Treating the Big Dream Like a Newborn

By jennifer | November 12, 2017

I had the joy this week to meet a beautiful newborn.  She is the first baby of close friends and to see them in their new role as parents was just as touching and precious as the little angel baby herself.  It has had me thinking about the Big Dream. I often say that I’m blown over by my clients’ secret Big Dream.  I’m starting to think everyone has one. 

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Good Habits Checklists

By jennifer | November 6, 2017

Here in the states our bi-annual time change gave us an extra hour over the weekend.  What did you do with that extra hour?  Are you feeling rested and roaring to go for the week? I saw a recommendation to use the extra hour to adjust to better habits.  We all aspire to better habits and more consistency in certain areas of our life.  I encourage creating checklists and I

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A Letter to Our Young Women  

By jennifer | October 15, 2017

Dear Amazing and Beautiful Young Women, Please turn on the news.  I know you don’t watch much news but I beg you to pay attention to the stories about Harvey Weinstein.  This is not a Hollywood story…this is our reality as women.  I have experienced abuse of power and sexual harassment in a large city and a tiny little town in rural America.  Chances are good it is happening where

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Double to Avoid Trouble

By jennifer | October 8, 2017

I’ve recently been breaking my own rule and paying the price.  The rule is…Always Double to Avoid Trouble and be successful.  It works like this…  If I think a task will take me 2 days…my promise is 4 days to deliver.  If I think it will take me 2 weeks, I say it will be a month.  This isn’t revolutionary, it’s one of those golden rules that business persons have

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Perspectives on Skilled Trades

By jennifer | October 1, 2017

I was struck by a story on CBS’s Sunday Morning, “Rebuilding America’s pool of construction workers.”  The story begins with the growing lack of skilled construction workers.  The statistics are fascinating and speak to a bigger picture of our jobs focused economic rhetoric.  One of the many reasons I wanted to become a coach is because I would consistently hear from business owners who couldn’t find good employees yet listen

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Chickening Out

By jennifer | September 24, 2017

My public library recently had a sale.  Fill a bag of books for $3!  Can you say…”Heaven on Earth” for this book lover?  I geekly skipped around the sections when I was stopped in my tracks by a young boy…10-years old I’m guessing.  He excitedly said to another young boy in the history section, “I see your looking through the history books, do you love history too, how long would

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