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What Supplies do I need to bring?

Everything you need is provided.  You are welcome to bring personal photos or other items you may like to add to your vision board.

What is the cost?

Price is $25 per board.  Couples and/or families are welcom to share a board.  Discounts are available for children under 12.  Special Events often have a sale price.  Check the Windley Works Facebook page for Special Events.

Can we bring food and beverages?

YES!  You can bring food and beverages.  Also, ask about possible catering options.

Where are the events held?

Events are at Windley Works, 50744 25th Street in Mattawan, Michigan.  Additionally, Vision Boards can come to your location and/or an agreed upon venue.

How does the Vision Board Corporate Events work?

Companies and work teams hire Windley Works to facilitate customized Team-Building Vision Board Events creating commaraderie.

What is unique about Vision Boards with Windley Works?

A Vision Board Event with Coach Jen includes her ACC Accredited Life Coaching and expert encouragement to help create goals and dreams that are powerful.

How many people can attend an Event?

A minimum of 4 persons and up to 12 people for an event at Windley Works.  Bigger groups can discuss alternative venue options and are welcome.  Public Events are offered for singles or smaller groups to join.  More information for Public Events can be found on Windley Works Facebook Page.

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Vision Board Events