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My coaching philosophy starts with, YOU the client. I’m constantly in awe of my clients. What you’ve been through and what you’ve accomplished. People don’t realize how unique they are. When clients trust me with their BIG dreams is when the real fun begins. I love to partner with clients and support them with where they are in career and life. I will also encourage you gently and kindly to go higher. You get enough “push harder” and “move faster” advice. Powering to Potential is about discovering the best of you and stepping fully into yourself.

♥ Coach Jen

Why Invest In Yourself?

You want more! High achievers get caught up in the doing and often forget to look at the why. You push to the top of your goals and realize you’re carrying people who should be walking on their own. You realize you want more for your life than the grind of the 9 to 5 plus overtime plus lost weekends due to business travel. Have you been ‘doing it all’ for so long and that you forgot to build a strong support system for the tough times? Isn’t it time to put you first? There is a reason they say that you must secure your oxygen mask before helping others. Powering to Potential will ensure you commit to your personal development. Isn’t it time to make you the priority you deserve to be?

How can I help?

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Let’s power your potential!

Do You Believe?

You’re a high achiever
Your income is below your value and contributions
You want more FREEDOM
You keep missing the promotion
You haven’t been able to land a new job
You desire non-judgmental support
You feel stuck or lazy in work, life, and relationships
You want to keep your goals on track
You want to add fun and joy into all you do