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The human body and mind are designed to work.  If you don’t believe me, then why do you feel like crap after too much junk food, binge-watching of Netflix, and general sloth-like laziness.  That slothiness in moderation can be a rest or a treat but if allowed to extend … we reach a level of lethargy, discomfort, or depression even.  The human is designed for action followed by rest.  And then more action, followed by rest.  You get the idea.

So, what’s the deal?  The budding entrepreneur who says they are holding back their product launch because they can’t be “that” busy.  Who wants that much work?  It’s like they have amnesia about how much work their previous corporate job required.  Unless you have a trust fund, you will be working in some capacity.  I can also tell you from working with folks who are independently wealthy, they still have a human need to be contributing to the greater good and guess what that looks like?  Work.  How about the executive who doesn’t go for the promotion, because they “don’t want all the responsibility.”  Forgetting that increased responsibility adds people and perspectives creating less busy work and instead opportunities to lead the changes they crave.  It’s still work, but now it feels like inspiration.

You aren’t actually afraid of the work.  You aren’t.  You are afraid to promise and not deliver.  You are afraid to put yourself on the hook.  It’s the good ol’ fashion kind of fear around worthiness and self-esteem.  You know this fear well, it’s what we will continue to work through until the end of our days.  Thankfully it does get easier as we mature and much easier when we can name it and call it to the carpet.

So, let’s do that.  Hey Fear!  Join me on this forest green shag carpeting, over here under the disco ball in grandma’s basement.  I am worthy of what I’m able to promise.  I can deliver on what I want to create.  I can even trick you and under promise in order to over deliver and then promise some more.  I am in charge here.  I am built for hard work and frankly, it only feels hard when you show up and start chirping in my head.  Take that fear!  Now you stay down here, I’m heading back upstairs, I smell chocolate chip cookies.

It is amazing what can happen when we get underneath our fear of hard work and see it for what it really is.  The fear that we won’t succeed.  Or the fear that we will succeed.  Both attached to our self-worth.  Once we can deem ourselves worthy, the To Do List practically sorts itself.  Windows of time show up to complete tasks.  The right people come into our lives.  Our ability to commit ourselves in bigger ways surprises us.  The work arrives and it’s easy.

I know it’s true for me, when I have extended moments where I feel worthy, I get more done.  I work hard and love it.  I feel accomplished and my business moves forward.  Where have you worked hard and loved it?  Do you agree that you aren’t actually afraid of the work?