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I was cold before the wind chill hit below zero.  I was in my closet most of December realizing that I had no super warm clothes.  I’m not much for the cold yet here I am in the upper Midwest.  Glutton for punishment?  Maybe.  Christmas Day we endured a 4 hour plus road trip with our beagles.  As we navigated rest stops in hopes that our little hounds might focus on going to the bathroom versus the excitement of new smells … we were whipped in the face with wind and snow that made me cry.  On December 26th, I bought layers.  Big, fluffy, polar fleece layers.  Turtle necks, sweatshirts, a great pair of gloves … I got everything at incredible ‘After Christmas Sales’ and even ordered a couple of extra items online.  It’s one of the best things I could have done to make it through this winter.  I feel like a cozy little ball of bliss.  I’m also much more productive now that I’m warm.

My coaching idol, Cheryl Richardson has a new book out “Waking Up in Winter.”  As I’m reading this excellent memoir layered up in my new threads, Cheryl tells a story of purchasing snow shoes one winter and completely changing her perspective on winter in New England.  This one purchase was also helping her stay in shape by getting her outside during snowy, cold days.  I love when synchronicity shows up to reinforce a feeling.  As I found myself seeking warmth and comfort … I kept thinking … why didn’t I do this sooner?  Bundling up when the weather dips below zero to no longer suffer being uncomfortably cold is an act of practicing self-care.  And Cheryl Richardson, one of the premier teachers of self-care would probably agree.

What about you?  When was the last time you splurged for your comfort only?  When was the last time you bought pillows, sheets, or towels?  Even if only you see them…

When have you found yourself saying … why didn’t I do this sooner?  What holds you back from pursuing that something that can make a positive change?

Is there someone whose help you want to seek yet you don’t make the call?  Are you burdening yourself with chores you can delegate?  Do you keep talking about a family schedule but never sit down and complete it?  Would coming into the office on a Saturday to organize be wildly helpful?  Could you take that year-old stack of papers on your desk and toss them out?

Do it!  Do it this week!  One thing!  See if it changes your perspective for the positive.  Will you also say … Why on earth didn’t I do this sooner?