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The power of ‘Thank You’ can never be underestimated. Gratitude is not only a polite mannerism taught in preschool, it can become the foundation for your career. A sincere and authentic ‘Thank You’ shows appreciation for another. And who doesn’t want to be appreciated? Especially for our efforts at work.

How many times at a work place have groups of employees complained that the boss never says ‘Thank You’? Have you been part of that conversation?

While a ‘Thank You’ from the top is always nice, a work place of gratitude can be created from every level of an organization. Expressing gratitude WILL lead to promotion in your career, life, and within your network of peers.

I remember while working at a very large, highly innovative company that myself and members of our team would often spend 10 to 15 minutes complaining about being left off emails, not invited to meetings, finding out about new launch projects too late, and not consulted for our expertise. And if that wasn’t enough, you might find us in the coffee shop continuing the gripe session for another 10 to 15 minutes with a new piece of…”and you won’t believe what else I found out”…..

Do you know what could have taken us less than 5 minutes instead? Sending ‘Thank You’ emails just to let our co-worker know that we appreciated being copied on the email. Showing up 5 minutes early to a meeting we DID get an invite for to express a ‘Thank You’ for being included in the new project early. And as we were being thanked by the person who called for our expertise, we could have also thanked them for reaching out and including us in what they were working on.

The reason that taking the time to say ‘Thank You’ leads to promotion is because you are giving sincere appreciation to others. You are leaving your co-workers with that awesome feeling of being appreciated. Maya Angelou famously said, “People will never forget how you made them feel.” Your peers will remember your authentic gratitude and they will continue to include you at the important meetings, on the emails, etc. You will continue to gain more and more opportunity to shine and show your skills. Those opportunities will lead to building your professional network, your knowledge, and your leadership potential. Those opportunities will lead to promotion, however that looks at your company.

Work places of all sizes are hectic and employees are juggling their jobs and lives. Now-a-days, it is easy for everyone to feel frazzled. In the chaos of everyday life, it is easy to forget ‘Thank You’. This is why making a conscious practice of ‘Thank You’ part of your daily tasks will set you apart and lead to greater promotion.

And with that, I sincerely Thank You for reading my post and supporting me and the message of ‘Powering to Potential’ as we all find our way in reaching our highest potential in career and in life