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Aren’t we all looking for that edge?  The thing that will make us a cut above the rest.  I mean, hire a coach if that is what you are looking for … I’m talking about the iconic movie of the early 90’s, “The Cutting Edge!”  You remember the one … the rough and tumble, handsome hockey star turns figure skater teams up with the spoiled rich girl.  They fall in love while training for the Olympics.  Even dudes know this movie, I’ve caught The CareBear more than once watching it.  He usually says, “What, there isn’t anything else on.”

In one of the early scenes where the couple is hating each other, our hockey leading man discovers that skates for figure skating are different.  They have a Toe Pick.  I consulted our holiness Google for more information, and it said, “Toe picks serve two purposes:  1.  Jumps.  2.  An indirect purpose for spins.  Spins are spun on the “sweet spot” of the blade which is right in between the toe pick and the rest of the blade.”  The sweet spot, eh?

In the movie, our hockey star struggles with the Toe Pick.  He keeps tripping over it.  Have you ever tripped over a sweet spot until you got the hang of it?  Our stuck-up rich-girl heroine repeatedly in the most high-pitched tone annoyingly says, “Toe Pick,” every single time he trips.  As if tripping wasn’t frustrating enough, now he’s got her voice in his head too.  How do you suppose that worked for him to maintain focus?

Whose voice is in your head when you can’t maintain focus?  What is keeping you from your cutting edge?  Have you ever read a self-help or business book from the early 1990’s.  There is usually a mention of the countless distractions that keep us from focusing.  When “The Cutting Edge” hit theaters, our Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was only 8 years old.  Distractions?  1992 had no idea.

Or did it?  Isn’t the human brain designed for distraction with or without social media?  Isn’t it also the human condition to discover our purpose through jumps?  Aren’t we all looking to spin in the “sweet spot?”

I’ve been getting deliberate with focus lately.  Intentioned.  Serious like a Spoiled Brat Olympian Figure Skater Serious about meditation and silence.  I find myself repeating the word FOCUS as soon as I catch myself distracted.  Just like in the movie with the high-pitched, “Foooo CUS.”

How about you?  How do you return to your focus?  Would a coaching session help?  As always thank you for reading and remember, we all learn from each other.  Please consider sharing how you stay focused in the comments.  Your 90’s movies metaphors are also welcomed.  😊

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