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I was taught that a Thank You Card matters.  Handwritten, thoughtful, and timely.  I don’t remember a clear conversation from mom or grandma.  I can’t recall a specific example mirrored to me.  I do know there was an occasional, “And can you believe so and so didn’t send a thank you card?”  What I know for sure is that anytime a thank you card arrives to me … I was and still am ecstatic.

I noticed early in life and career that sending handwritten Thank You Cards tend to get others giddy too.  We enjoy receiving a note and the sender becomes a bit more memorable to us.  It was a great sales tactic for me but even in my 20’s I knew a phony thank you card would be anti-climatic to a future sale.  I guess what I’m saying is that for me … Thank You Cards are serious business.  Authenticity is key.

People will tell you that the Thank You Card is dead.  People have been saying that in every decade since paper was invented.  And while I cannot deny that we are becoming more of a “paperless” society, I can also say that in every newly re-vitalized downtown across America … big and small … I typically find a super cute stationary store.  Alas, our love of a card felt sentiment remains in tact.

The other reason I know that the Thank You Card is very much still alive is that I’m still receiving them on a regular basis.  An adorable millennial from Milwaukee is famous for them.  So, don’t tell me Thank You Cards are for old people!  Clients have been so gracious as of late with their gratitude.  In fact, all this gratitude is contagious and inspiring.  It reminds me to stay true to my Thank You Card ways and actually ‘up my game’ a little

How about you?  Where is your game on Thank You Cards?  Do you need to develop one?  Do you need to find one of these stationary stores and be inspired?  Send your closest relative, friend, and/or business associate a Thank You Card.  Say, “Just sending you a Thank You for Being You.”  Do it this week!!