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Do you feel like you need a vacation from your Labor Day Vacation but know that it’s Back to School, Back to Work, and Back to the Grind?

Labor Day here in the states marks the unofficial end of summer and the change in our cultural mindset back to routine.  For so many, the change is welcome.  Routine can be good and that feeling of being productive is always nice.

I always look at September as the beginning of a new year.  Not only because it’s my birth month making me a Virgo Routine Lovin’ Type of Person but also because I LOVED school.  I still love everything about learning and as a special gift to those in our Windley Works Community….we are giving away a book each week in September to celebrate a new school year.

To start off…I’m sharing a book that I read every September.  I started this a few years ago when I worked for a certain company who relentlessly perfected annual budgets starting in mid-June until early September.  As a result, I always felt like September was the best time to take a vacation but Cary was knee deep in high school football officiating by then.  So, I started the tradition of me taking a few days off and reading “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life” by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey.

This book is long since out of date written in 1997.  Pre-smart phones and pre-social media.  Here is the beautiful part….the message is more needed today than the writers could have ever imagined in 1997.  Though they did predict that technology was going to speed us up more.  I also love that while we move faster, that desire to slow down and be present is as old as time itself.

It’s a quick read and well written and if you would like to sign-up to win a free copy…please write in the comments…Sign Me Up…Click on the picture above for the comments section.

The next 3 books we are giving away are more current but we start with a classic and a great reminder to stay present.  Pause to take in the moments.  Enjoy those 1st Day of School photos…Don’t just rush them on to Facebook and Instagram and check it off your list.  Make sure to Slow Down as You Speed Back into Routine.