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I had a couple of tough weeks.  I was over-scheduled, and it wasn’t in my best interest to try and reschedule.  It was one of those periods that I knew would be challenging but I did quite a bit of pre-planning, took breaks where I could, and saved a tiny bit of room for my typical procrastination.

Into the second week, I found myself in the shower with the shampoo completely out.  I was able to catch my mind before it started running the old critical self-talk record and gave a chuckle.  I was surprised that I hadn’t put an extra bottle in the shower, but I said, what the hey, I will just use the dog shampoo that’s in here.  Who will know?  LOL!  So, that’s what I did, and my hair survived.  As I was drying off, I looked towards the top of the toilet where I had securely placed a new, full bottle of shampoo for just this instant.  Knowing I would run out and completely within reach.  Now, I really laughed.  And to think, I thought the funny part of this morning was going to be the dog shampoo.  Too funny.

Guess what?  That’s not the end.  The next morning, I take a closer look at my bottle of conditioner to see that it was ashampoo.  The bottle of conditioner that I had been using for about a week, the beginning of my crazy schedule, was shampoo.  Oh for the love…  You can’t make this stuff up.

Twists and turns like this are inevitable.  Most of the time we race right passed these silly moments and give them our annoyance and frustration, beat ourselves up a bit and keep moving at warp speed.  I’m glad I took a moment or two to laugh out loud at myself.

What silliness has shown up in your life recently that could use a good laugh?  I believe with my whole heart that there is no better stress reducer and healer than humor.  And it’s always available to you, just start with yourself.  And if you can, find a good someone special to make you laugh.