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Back to the gym, back to portion conscious eating, and back to work.  Is that you?  OR…are you scouring on to make sure you don’t miss a Cyber Monday deal?  OR…are you already feeling overwhelmed and Scrooged-Out before the Christmas Season takes off?

I’m hearing from busy parents who are obsessed with creating holiday memories that will last a lifetime and they are also desperate to teach their children the value of giving.  As their kids write letters to Santa, these parents fear that their children are becoming too entitled and worry that they have spoiled them.  Work isn’t slowing down and POOF the ‘To Do List’ just tripled along with the social engagements that require an appearance and most often a gift exchange and maybe a dish to pass.  I wish I could tell you how many moms have told me that January 1st cannot come soon enough.

This isn’t a post about tapping into what really matters most…just google that…you will find countless posts on how it all doesn’t matter that much.  How the kids will remember the feeling and your presence and the joyful energy more than the gifts.  I suppose that’s true.  I remember being in Girl Scouts and buying food for elderly couples in need and that memory stays with me and I also remember waking up in my Brand New Canopy Bed on Christmas morning…also very cool.  I remember my grandfather’s funeral on Christmas Eve morning when I was 16.  Christmas still arrived … survived … it always does.  They can’t all be perfect seasons…and they probably shouldn’t be otherwise we would never want to box up all the cheer and start those New Year Cleanses.

What if we look at the season in perfect moments?  I insist that my clients create a Celebration/Fun List and add fun into their daily lives.  Isn’t the month of December when we need Our Fun the most?  First…fun is subject to each individual.  What fun is for an introvert is VERY different than what fun is for an extrovert?  Is your fun dressing up and going dancing?  Is your fun going to the library to hide?  Going for a drive?  A walk on the beach?  A trip to the tanning bed?  (I know … bad …but … is that a moment you savor?)  Can you schedule in Your Version of Fun?  Can it be your gift to yourself?  Can you sit down right now and put 3 Fun actions in your calendar for each week in December?

Yes, this is the season of giving.  Can you give yourself the gift of fun?  In the comments, let’s share our version of fun.  What do you think about scheduling in Your Fun?  Will it help lower your stress and make you enjoy the season more?