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The best form of trust is trusting ourselves.  When we trust ourselves, we can know that we may not have the answers but we can trust that we can handle ourselves in any situation. And mostly, we can know through trusting ourselves that we are going to be okay through anything. Easier said than done….I know.

Here are some tips on how to trust ourselves more.

1. Keep your experiences handy. When you have anxiety around reaching outside your comfort zone remind yourself of other times you did so with success. I think about public speaking. I’m always shaking like a leaf for the first couple of minutes and I know that the audience notices but as I ease in….it always ends up going okay…..and most importantly I can trust from my past experiences that I will survive.

2. Know that your intentions always take the lead. One of my strongest values is ‘being kind.’ When I’m concerned about entering into a conflict or standing up for myself….I can trust that my intention of ‘being kind’ will be there for me during the difficult conversation. The other person might still get upset but I can trust my intention and thus myself to handle their reactions.

3. Give it to God/Life/The Universe. Sometimes trusting ourselves is trusting that all things always work out. ‘Trust’ tattooed on my wrist might just become the reminder that I don’t have to figure it all out on my own. No one does. Even if you aren’t spiritual, there are always people who want to support us. Trusting ourselves to trust that we will be taken care of.

Please consider sharing a comment on how you trust yourself. We all can use more tips in increasing our trust muscles.