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Last week was one of those weeks.  I was determined to get through the pile on my desk, get the calls made that have been put off for months, service my car, and figure out my phone since my new replacement wasn’t fully working already.  I dived in, beat myself up when I couldn’t get it all done instantaneously, and burned-out before barely getting started.  I basically did everything I warn my clients not to do.

By Friday morning, I considered myself a failure and was feeling good and sorry for myself.  In the shower I begged for some signs…I wanted relief from the overwhelm and crankiness.  Does anyone else talk to God/Life/The Universe in the shower?

As I headed out to the car dealership, I got my first sign…I realized that I was nearly out of gas which is very uncommon for me.  Did I mention I was already running late for my appointment?  The first gas station I tried was full and the gas tanker truck was there blocking half the pumps.  I waited a few minutes to see if anyone would leave quickly….no luck.  I got frustrated and headed towards the next station which was also extremely busy.  The Pepsi truck delivery guy was chatting with someone leaving 3 pallets of pop just hanging out in the parking lot blocking pumps.  As I pumped my gas, I reminded myself that as my frustration increased, so would my bad luck…and tried to chill.  On my way again, I headed down the hill towards the dealership and there on the corner was another gas station with zero customers.  It looked like a ghost town…when is there never anyone at the gas station during the morning rush?  Clearly, the joke was on me.  I thought it might be a sign but I wasn’t appreciating the sarcasm.

The next sign was getting an upgrade on my cell phone for all my trouble…I was excited but right away started complaining about the new accessories I would need to buy.  I could not get out of my funk….even when the car repair bill was cheaper than I expected.  I mean…did I need a hammer to fall on my head?

I guess so….because as I was mindlessly on my social media continuing to feel sorry for myself…I got a text from someone who I think the world of.  She shared something tragic.  I was devastated for her and honored that she trusted me so much with this news.  And, I IMMEDIATELY got over myself.  In fact, I happened to be home alone and quite literally said it loud and clear …. GET …. OVER …. YOURSELF!  I texted back my love to my friend and I took myself to the gym.

When I got home, I watched a movie called ‘The Edge of Seventeen.’  It’s a classic coming of age movie.  The funniest part is the main character makes the realization by the end of the movie that she might want to “get over herself.”  Another sign for me that day.  This one didn’t go unnoticed.

With the hurricane this weekend…and let’s not forget the fires…and the earthquakes…maybe getting over ourselves is part of the bigger message?  Those of us who aren’t in crisis can look at the chaos and tragedy and remember to practice gratitude.  It’s easy to fall into traps of overwhelm …. especially if you’re hard on yourself and if you’re human….you’re probably hard on yourself.  Sending love to others is a great first step.  It doesn’t have to be a crisis to send love and feel gratitude but since there is so much crisis in our world right now…let’s all remember to get over ourselves.  So many people need us to send them love right now.

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