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Let me tell you about my last week.  Monday was a busy but rewarding client-filled day.  Tuesday was insane.  A mastermind of women met for 2 hours and we discussed navigating the ever-spinning social media marketing world and how to manage our businesses without going crazy.  I left feeling a bit…well…crazy.  Then a lunch turned into a coaching session of ME.  Biggest conclusion…I need to relax and slow down…  Then off to my vocal lesson…something I’ve wanted to do for years.  My amazing coach Debra L. Anderson says, “You need to slow down.”  I do tell here that a theme is starting to develop for me and we laugh.  Wednesday, I consider slowing down but still find myself rushing.

And then, when we don’t listen…life throws a bigger rock at us.  I got a speeding ticket.  First speeding ticket in…Mmmm…if I’m guessing…close to 20 years.  2 miles from my house in a spot where I know a sheriff is often posting radar but I took my chances because I was running late.  As the sheriff spun around to follow me, I pulled right over and accepted my fate.  No more ignoring the signs because I have enough experience to know that if I don’t slow it down…the next rock is going to be a boulder.

I forced myself to slow down this weekend with a book and a heavy dose of Hallmark Christmas Movies thanks to a recent sales pitch on the Hallmark Channel from my friend, Pamela Keim.  I think the Hallmark Movies have gotten better or maybe I’m just in desperate need of the simple, predictable, slowed down small-town fantasies to help me relax.

The funny part was…I found myself at first…snippy and snappy.  Even threw a mini-tantrum on Saturday like a toddler who needed a nap.  Isn’t that interesting?  Guess there is something to this whole slowing down thing.

How about you?  Do you wait until it’s too late to slow down?  Do you get cranky when you shift from hurried to relaxed or vice-versa?  Let’s share our stories.

*Also this week, check out this great must-see video from Jeff Houghton of Springfield, Missouri.  We can all make something…Excellent inspiration for us all.