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I’m taking 6 of my favorite non-fiction books and giving each of them a Quarantine Random Flip to see what we might need to hear or be reminded of right now.

Book #1:  Slowing Down to the Speed of Life by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey.  Random Flip, page 119.  “There are several guidelines to dealing with our own and others’ moods.  1. When you are in a low mood, take your perceptions of other people with a grain of salt.  In low moods we tend to be serious, judgmental, critical, bothered, impatient, and irritated.  We see others as less attractive and as uncooperative, and we attribute ulterior motives to their actions.  If we recognize that our thinking is responsible for these perceptions, we can see the need to make an adjustment in our attitude.”

Book #2 It’s Easier Than You Think by Sylvia Boorstein.  Random Flip, page 55.  “The deserted freeway was monotonous.  I began to feel drowsy, and then I felt alarmed that I would fall asleep at the wheel.  Suddenly, in the passing flow of my thoughts, I remembered a problem I was having with a distant relative and felt annoyance over what that person presumably had said about me.  “Some nerve she has!” I thought, and in that moment I felt my self awake.  A hit of righteous indignation had banished the drowsiness.  “Wow, this is great!”  I congratulated myself on my new discovery.  Mind states are interchangeable.  I can replace one with another.  I can wake myself up by thinking angry thoughts.”

Book #3 Chocolate or Lunch by Nancy Smyth and Sharon Eakes.  Random Flip, page 118.  “Relationship is not a static energy; it is a dynamic dance of individuals growing in the presence of each other – each person being influenced by the other.  That is why it is so important for us to offer our best self.  We have to be courageous enough to be vulnerable with others.  We have to let go of being in control or having all the answers.  Instead, we must become comfortable with not knowing and being in the presence of the unfolding together.”

Book #4 The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford.  Random Flip, page 80.  “There is a Zen story about two monks journeying home who come to the banks of a fast flowing river.  When they reach the riverside they see a young woman unable to cross.  One of the monks picks her up in his arms, carries her through the current, and sets her safely on the other side.  Then the two monks continue on their travels.  Finally the monk who crossed the river alone can restrain himself no longer and he begins to rebuke his brother, “You know it is against our rules to touch a woman.  You have broken our holy vows.”  The other monk answers, “Brother I left that young woman on the banks of the river.  Are you still carrying her?”

Book #5 When the Heart Waits by Sue Monk Kidd.  Random Flip, page 113.  “I realized that both waiting and the life-giving transformation that came out of it began for Jesus at the very point when he handed himself over, just as they begin for us when we hand ourselves over.  We’re meant to live the Christ-life, including his waiting and his passion.  We’re meant to hand ourselves over so that we can wait our own wait, hold our own tensions, enter our own suffering, emerge from our own tomb and know aliveness for the first time.”

Book #6 Growing Yourself Back Up by John Lee.  Random Flip, page 37.  “When you sense that there is more “feeling” in your body than what the present situation or circumstance warrants, it is probably because it is triggering something from your past that has been stored in your body for a long time.  As I have said before, use your body as a barometer to gauge whether you are in the past or in the present.  Present anger should create very little tension or stress in the body.  It doesn’t feel desperate, uncontainable, or frightening.  Past anger can put a knot in your stomach, make your palms sweaty, or put a lump in your throat.”

Did anything come up for you while reading these passages?  As always, thank you for reading.  Remember, we all learn from each other.  Please consider sharing a comment or the title of one of your favorite books that is perfect for a Random Flip.

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