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It’s 10 am on a typical Tuesday. Your boss knocks on your cubicle wall with a big smile on her face and tells you that she has just come from a meeting and has learned that the position you have been working so hard for is about to be open. She immediately recommended you and needs you to email your resume to her right away. At the same time you are thanking her, you also begin to panic. You haven’t even looked at your resume in 5 years.

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to get your resume updated? Have you sat down to try and just couldn’t find the inspiration? Have you gotten to a point that you feel desperate for a job change and that desperation takes over like a lead weight making the task seem impossible?
It may be the perfect time to hire a professional resume writer.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons for you to consider…

1. Bragging on yourself isn’t easy. Unless you are a Kardashian, self-promotion most likely doesn’t come easy for you. Isn’t it always easier to list the attributes of your best friend versus bragging about yourself? A resume isn’t just a list of what you’ve done professionally, it is a spotlight on your accomplishments and successes. Allowing a professional resume writer to sing your praises can take your resume to the next level. It is also the job of a good resume writer to ask you the questions to help you dig deep into your professional background and find the gold of your best work and make it shine on the written page.

2. Take the pressure off. Often times by the time we need our resume, we find ourselves excited and rushed towards the next opportunity OR we find ourselves desperate due to circumstances that are causing anxiety and require us to look at our career options. Hiring a professional who is not emotionally attached to the process can help take the pressure off.

3. You didn’t get A’s in grammar. You are amazing at your job but is writing articulate, powerful adjectives and creating grammatically accurate phrases part of your day to day tasks. When you are out of practice from your collegiate term paper days, don’t add the stress of agonizing over the perfect resume wording to your career advancement efforts.

4. Employers are fickle. Great companies change with the times. They alter their mission statements, improve their focuses, and have ever changing expectations from employees as they grow. It is the job of a good resume writer to keep up with the wants and needs of companies and to support their clients through these changes and provide a resume that measures up.

5. Technology can be intimidating. A resume that is too flashy can send the message that it is lacking content and a resume with no flash may be boring compared to other candidates. Finding a balance and making sure the resume looks fresh, the layout is current with latest software techniques, and it is eye pleasing is important for standing out