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This past week’s passing of icon Mary Tyler Moore has been marked with countless tributes for the groundbreaking characters she played that paved the way for women in the 60s and 70s including depicting Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary Richards leadership style was not only effective but authentic, joyful, and respected.

Mary was a natural coach. She coached everyone at the news station, even her boss Mr. Grant. Her coaching was so effective because she always approached her co-workers with respect and non- judgement. Mary listened and recognized each person’s unique gifts and talents. It was a comedy sitcom filled with gentle jabs and sarcasm. Mary Richards could deliver the joke and poke fun but not by belittling or making her peers feel small. She lifted them up and would help build confidences of those close to her. She was the light that encouraged the whole team to have each other’s backs.

Are you leading from your natural light? Smiling, practicing the fine arts of kindness and charm, and honoring the unique gifts and talents of your co-workers? Are you enjoying your staff, having fun, and being yourself? Maybe a Mary Tyler Moore marathon might be in order for inspiration. YouTube has tons of episodes available. Dive in….”You’re gonna make it after all.”