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I’m currently reading this great book by Martha Beck, “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.”  I highly recommend it.  On page 169, she talks about this experiment where “elderly men were asked to imagine they’d gone back in time.  They lived in a facility decorated with items from the first half of the twentieth century, heard radio programs from the same era, and were not allowed to use or discuss anything that happened after 1950.  At the end of the study, the test subjects appeared to have aged in reverse:  they had stronger immune function, better sensory perception, more grip strength, and get this – their fingers had lengthened!”  Martha went on to joke about writing in her shoulder pads and big hair surrounded by 1980’s bliss.

I instantly realized how much this makes sense.  We recently got all the premium movie channels and not being a big TV watcher I can take em’ or leave em’ most of the time but if there is a movie I loved as a kid….I’m glued to the TV and feeling like I’m 10 years old again.  After reading that, I wanted to see if I could intentionally tap into that feeling of youth.  At the gym, I loaded up my Pandora to the New Kids on the Block station.  Sure enough, I was bouncing along to all the greats, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and who out there knew that there is a New Kids on the Block/Back Street Boys mash-up?  And why did no one tell me about this?  Amaze ball ness!!  I think I might have been able to keep making laps around the track all day….not only was I feeling 15 again but I was also full of energy… have something as simple as music bring me back to all the hope, wonder, and promise I felt as a teenager….what a gift!

I’m not suggesting you live in the past….I’ve made it clear in past posts how important I think it is to stay current.  However… and feeling youthful are also essential.  I didn’t mean to do a music theme two- weeks in a row but it was such a lovely experience I wanted to share it.  And it can extend past music….take a stroll on ebay or Amazon and buy yourself your favorite toy from childhood….just because.  Do it for yourself and enjoy those beautiful feelings of youth that are still so much a part of you but often get buried underneath all of those ‘to do lists.’

** I thought I should also mention that this was another tough week for music lovers.  I watched on social media as many of you paid tribute to Chester Bennington and the ways that Linkin Park meant so much to you growing up.  There IS this connection we have to THE bands of our adolescent years.  So much love to those of you who feel that strong connection to Mr. Bennington and his gift of music he has left behind.  May it always bring you feelings of youth.