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2018, we are here!  Let us in!  This past week I have had my inbox inundated with 2018 resolutions, predictions, plans, preparations, etc.  Here are some of my takeaways from the endless advice.

Commitments versus Resolutions.  I like the idea of making commitments versus resolutions.  A commitment evolves and has more room to breath making it more sustainable.  Take the classic resolution of losing weight.  Which feels more achievable?  Losing 20 lbs by June 1st or a lifelong commitment to making health a priority.  If you choose the commitment, you can look at your overall well-being next December.  Maybe you only lost 10 lbs but your muscle tone increased by 50%.  The commitment delivered muscle tone which supports future healthy results versus a one-time resolution.

Reign in the Taskmaster.  After all the holiday celebrating, it’s human nature to want to shift back to a routine.  This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur or in a field where you rely on referrals … those two weeks around the holidays can feel like a dry spell.  We all have an inner taskmaster.  Is yours rattling off the hundreds of things that need to be completed in January?  My fear is, if we don’t reign in our inner taskmaster then we will feel pressured, leading us to decision paralysis.  We don’t want to be stuck before we even kick off the New Year.  Make those new exciting plans and ease into your new year routine.  Tell the inner taskmaster to chill out.

Plan Past 2018.  This was one of my favorite ideas that I stumbled across.  The recommendation is to work on multi-year plans every New Year.  Where do you want to be in 5 years?  Do you want to run 5K’s in 2018 and by 2020 do your first marathon?  Do you want to be a vice president at your company by 2023?  What steps will you take over the course of the next 5 years?  Once you see that bigger picture, you can create achievable goals for 2018 that feed into your larger life plan.

Feeling versus Goal.  Instead of focusing on an end goal, what if you look at it as a way you want to feel or be.  If your resolution is to be more organized … change it to … I want to feel balanced and not scattered.  When you look at it from the feeling, the goal appears easier.  To feel more balanced, I will need to slow down.  To feel less scattered, I will need to take the necessary time to organize.  The result is being organized.  See how the feeling can drive the goal.

I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, and fun-filled 2018.  Thank you so much for reading and being a part of our Windley Works community.