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Have you seen this latest Facebook challenge?  Post your very first profile picture next to your latest profile picture.  Cary found it funny since he’s been on Facebook for less than 2 years and only has one profile pic.  But for the many of us who have now enjoyed, analyzed, and over-analyzed our Facebook presence for over a decade, this “challenge” is interesting.

I remember the early days of this super new medium and being very careful about what I presented to the world.  Even as the Facebook World was still very small.  When I started my business, it was worse.  Every single detail had to be perfect.  Social media had higher traffic and I knew that I could sneak on and sneak back off with pictures, posts, and thoughts before too many people noticed.  I was meticulous in every Windley Works detail that was to be online.

Now a days, I’m still very careful with sensitive material.  Much more so than when it was just lil’ ol’ opinionated me versus a business that supports and encourages people to be their best.  Besides staying in good intention though, the rest of it I’m much less concerned with.  The photos don’t have to be perfect, they just need to be relevant and real.  The content needs to be meaningful and delivered at a reasonable frequency but if it has a typo, I won’t lose my mind.  (And I hope you can overlook my typos in kindness.)  The point is, I don’t know week to week what algorithm is still letting my content through or blocking me or both.  I know that I’ve been doing this long enough that I hear from followers often.  I get comments both online and off.  I know I’m building an online library.  And, it’s time for you to do the same.  Just Start!!

Just start already.  The good news is that social media especially Facebook has become a huge traffic jam and your opportunities to be noticed are shrinking.  That bad news is that the social media traffic jam is hampering your opportunities to be noticed.  The bad news is that you are expected to be on social media even if you aren’t a small business owner.  If you work in corporate, you better have a solid LinkedIn Network.  Trust me, you never know when you might need that network.  If you want to keep up with family, the easiest way is social media.  Like it or not.

It’s all super overwhelming, I know, but please trust me.  Just start because what you have to say, offer, and be matters.  Here are 3 motivations to help you start:

  1. If they can, so can you? Is your envy a siren to replicate?  I watch coaches that are ahead of me in their businesses and my first feeling is a pang of jealousy.  Then, I quickly get over myself.  One professional’s success is a win for your whole profession.  It also tells you that, you can do it too.  Follow their lead.
  2. Why the bleep NOT you too? But wait, here comes the critic voice.  That coach wrote their book first, now when I write mine everyone is going to think I’m “just another coach with a book.”  Sure, some might think that, but others might read that book or hire me for coaching just because I have a book.  Actress Mindy Kaling has a book entitled “Why Not Me?”  Apparently, she is known for adding an expletive to help drive home the point?  Why the bleep not me?  Fill in your expletive of choice and don’t be afraid to make it a mantra for yourself.  There will always be another coach, lawyer, and real estate broker.  Many, many, more – Why the bleep NOT you too?
  3. The Scrapbook Effect. What does this all have to do with putting yourself out there?  Who’s going to show up to pay you for what you do if they don’t know you are here and ready with a credit card reader attached to your phone even.  You’ve got to be seen by the right persons to land that promotion.  Just start.  Start building your online scrapbook.  Put yourself out there and think of Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram like a scrapbook for your business, resume, and vision.

Just start!  Your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner.