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It’s snowing….it has been snowing since Thursday. I had heard about lake effect snow when I lived in Chicago but only understood it as what happened on the other side of the lake. Imagine my surprise and initial discomfort upon moving to Southwest Michigan and the reality of just how much snow arrives every winter.

Last winter was different, I planned a ‘January Hibernation.’ I cleared the calendar of social activities and I dived into books I had been meaning to read. I snuggled with the dogs and enjoyed the snow under a blanket with my coffee. As this January approached however, I was ready to hit the ground running. My body however told me something very different this past Tuesday as I found myself sound to sleep by 7 pm in the chair upright. I’m not talking dozing off after dinner…..this was snoring, drooling, and out cold for a couple of hours kind of sleep. The next evening, I had a class with fellow coaches and the theme as we all checked in with each other was a consensus of post-holiday exhaustion. Our minds were all revving to go but our bodies were asking for rest. In fact, a couple of the coaches were even fighting off nasty colds.

That was it for me, I needed to pay attention and give myself permission to enjoy ‘January Hibernation’ again this year. I need to give myself permission to rest. Mother Nature clearly agreed as she started up the snow cycle by Thursday and the dogs couldn’t be happier with the extra cuddle time.

But what about you? Are you off and running into 2017. Dr. Alia Ezziddin who is a cherished friend is a vision of kicking off the New Year at warp speed and loving it. She is feeling exhilarated and increasing her business in the process. She started video blogging this week for her business Enamel and Root. (See comments for link to the vlog) The last thing she is thinking about is rest and she is equally honoring where she is for January and it is definitely off and running.

How do you see this January? Do you need an invitation to rest and recover from the holiday season? Consider this blog that invitation to self-care. Are you instead off and running? If you are exhilarated and ‘making it happen’ then celebrate your efforts and don’t forget to add self-care to your to-do list.

Please share in the comments how you are spending January.