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I recently heard on a podcast that Joanna and Chip Gaines don’t have a television.  Makes sense, there’s rarely a TV in their fixer uppers.  How’s it possible that these home improvement TELEVISION mega stars don’t have a TV?  After the shock wore off, I was intrigued.  What are they accomplishing without the distraction of TV?

Of course, I had to try it.  Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything drastic, I can’t be Joanna Gaines Perfect plus the CareBear would never let me get rid of TVs.  I set a rule to only watch TV after dinner.  The place that I found it most difficult was … while eating alone.  Nah, I’m lying to you … eating in general.   We are a ‘eat in front of the tv’ couple but so is most of America, hence all the TVs in restaurants.

When I forced myself to eat a meal by myself in silence … ooofff … it was way more difficult than I would have thought.  I found myself eating more slowly and enjoying my food.  Not shocking, right?

Here’s the bigger thought this experiment spotlighted.  My fast food habits.  I learned years ago to not be restrictive with food.  The human brain when told that it can’t have something, just wants it more.  I decided that if I was going to consume those Taco Bell calories than I would enjoy the food and not break a world record for driving 80 mph down the interstate while inhaling a quarter pounder.  When I’m conscious about food, I eat less, and make better choices.

Where does this logic go off the rails?  When I’m starving.  I know, I’m not really starving but tell my human brain that.  I don’t usually eat in the morning.  I tell myself I’ll eat when I’m hungry.  It works most days.  But when I forget I haven’t eaten until the point where my stomach is yelling at me … that’s it, the brain takes over … MUST HAVE FOOD FAST!  I’m no longer able to make a good food choice.  Willpower is out the window along with … if I eat fast food, I will eat it consciously and enjoy it.  All that logic … GONE!

Do you ever find yourself in starving mode?  I won’t create a list of how to avoid starving mode.  We all know to plan our meals, have healthy snacks handy, and eat a little something before we reach starving mode.

What I’m learning from this recent experiment is to recognize starving.  The other day, I was in starving mode.  I tried to talk myself out of the fast food.  I realized I wasn’t going to be able to, starving mode was in full force.  I decided that was okay, BUT I got only a sandwich … no fries.  I pulled into a parking spot from the drive thru line and took 10 minutes to enjoy it slowly.  I felt full and not guilty.

Have you considered how our mind goes into survival mode when we feel starving?  Can you recognize that being hungry doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up for those Culver’s cheese curds?  As always, thank you for reading.  And remember, we all learn from each other.  Please consider sharing a story or comment on your own journey with starving.

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