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You, yes you, are adorable.  Man, Woman, Teen … Ah-Door-Ray-Bull!  And isn’t it fun to be and feel so adorable?  Don’t worry I haven’t lost my marbles, but I am taking a stand for adorable.

Why do young children and old people get all the adorable credit?  Isn’t it time that we wallowed in some adorable for ourselves?

I read recently in Chocolate or Lunch by Nancy Smyth and Sharon Eakes that finding our sense of adorable is as easy as remembering our grandparents’ adoration for us.  It is undeniable, right?  Grandparents twinkle around their grandchildren.  They counter discipline and allow scenarios that they would have never let their own children get away with.  And as kids of all ages, we feel that from our grandparents.  We feel … well … adorable around them.

Why does this matter?  Because when we feel adorable, we attract all things good.  It’s no different than those first few months of new love.  First of all, that special someone doesn’t show up until you start to find joy in being single and dare I say, feel a bit adorable.  Then boom, here they come.  And they find you adorable which has you feeling even more adorable.  And then, 12 other people start texting, Facebooking, and showing up.  Where were all these eligible dates when you were single, you say.  They were missing you because you didn’t have the adorable light on.  Same goes for job hunting, the perfect outfit or car shopping … how much more sales help do you get when you are feeling yourself?  You know it’s true.

My Grandma Wilson is 96 and for the past few years she has been on an escalating dementia journey.  It’s not always adorable as you can imagine but looking for moments helps.  The other day, she was peeling potatoes diligently and expertly despite not being sure who or where she was.  It was a moment of adorable.  The family has also been going through her house and drawers full to the max.  And seeing what she saved over the years has me feeling a bit adorable.  My school newspaper articles, pictures, and clippings.  Who knew?

And it’s that easy, Smyth and Eakes talk about this in their book.  All we do, to flip our adorable switch on or at least adjust the dimmer, is remember our grandparent memories.  OR, watching your parents doting on your children.  Either way, that pure, adoration is available to all of us at any time with a quick moment in our memory bank.  Even better, I keep pics at my writing desk of my grandmas, one of my great-grandma sticking out her tongue with my great-great aunts and my great-aunts are there too.  All women who lavished me with adoration just because I was a precious being on the planet.

Where can you tap into your adorable?  Did this bring up a sweet memory for you?  We all learn from each other.  Please consider sharing a story of adorable.