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Jennifer:  Do you remember where or how we added promotional products to Windley Works?  It’s like it just happened.

Cary:  That’s about right.  I did some items for Ridgeview Golf Course and you had the woman with the pencils.

Jennifer:  It’s got to be because of your dad that it clicked so fast, don’t you think?

Cary:  Yea, I guess.  I’ve been getting an education in the specialty advertising business for the past 45 years.  I’ve paid attention, followed Dad’s work.  The art, the numbers, imprints, colors … I do think it’s all been easier for me because I’ve been around it.

Jennifer:  Did you ever talk about being in business together before?

Cary:  It was mentioned but never really discussed.

Jennifer:  What do you think of this whole father/son thing now?

Cary:  It’s great to have him as a resource.  You should call my dad and ask him these warm and fuzzy coach questions.

So, I called his dad, I didn’t get much more on the warm and fuzzy front but I did get some excellent business tips.  Doug is still actively working in the industry at 77 years young. 

Jennifer:  What you think about your son adding specialty advertising to our business?

Doug:  Well, I want him to enjoy it.  I always want my kids to enjoy what their doing.

Jennifer:  Cary says he’s been getting a 45-year education from watching you.  What do you think of that?

Doug:  Well, I hope I’ve taught him the most important parts.  If you don’t know an answer to a customer’s question, find one.  Continue to pick up the phone, real conversations matter.  It helps to be overly creative.  Especially if all a client knows is that they want a red and white pen.  What seems simple to a customer, isn’t always simple.  There is a big difference between $1 pen and a $45 pen.

Jennifer:  So, it sounds like that the old rules of business still work?

Doug:  I know Cary understands this, you have to care what the customer is doing.  What is their business about, where do they want to go with it?  It’s great if we can sell them something but be more interested in where you can help them for years to come.

Jennifer:  It always comes back to building relationships.

Doug:  It does.

Cary’s step-mom added that it’s been fun for her to have watched Doug for so many years in the industry and to now watch Cary take that same skill to the next level with all the new technology. 

What I have found interesting is watching the two of them learn a few things from each other, usually through some mild bickering.  ?

Cary:  My dad has supported me in whatever I did.  I saw him always enjoying what he was doing and for me to now be supporting his industry, It’s like it comes back around, full circle.