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I had the first-generation TiVo.  For those much younger, TiVo was the brand name of DVRs that came onto the scene in the late 90’s with it’s adorable animated icon hoping around cornering the DVR world like AOL did for awhile with The Internet.  It worked for a technological minute and then it was just dorks like me still calling all DVRs, “TiVo” for the next decade.  I’m making the point here that I really enjoy DVRs and have been using one from the very beginning.

Imagine then, that our DVR decides to take a poop right before PBS is about to launch a Ken Burns documentary entitled, “Country Music.”  Wait, stay with me, I already said I was a dork, the PBS documentary thing shouldn’t shock you AND for those that know me personally, you know I have a family history with country music.  Hence, my beloved Great-Aunt Hope and the “Father of Bluegrass,” Mr. Bill Monroe in the picture attached.  I really, really wanted to watch this 2-week series.

So, that’s what happened.  Sunday thru Thursday the first week and Sunday thru Wednesday the second week, I watched this documentary in real time.  Yes, I could have fixed the DVR problem but honestly, after the first night of timing life around the program, I found myself loving the present moment joy of it.  I actually paid closer attention to the program.  I found myself looking forward to it during my day.  Here’s the other big Ah Ha.  If I had DVR’d it, it would still be sitting on my machine and who knows if I ever would have gotten around to watching it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not interested in going back to not having a DVR or anything crazy like that.  But, I am more conscious of the joy of real time.  It was great fun to see the history and places where family members played roles in that history, not too mention the enjoyment of the music and old videos.

What can you do in real time?  Without the distraction of your cell phone.  What about going to that movie in the theater instead of blowing it off to MAYBE watch it later when it’s available to stream.  What about watching live music versus binge watching episodes of Fixer Upper that you’ve already seen.  What about taking in a few commercials occasionally instead of fast forwarding through them all.  I mean, there are some really, funny commercials.  Try it, see if it brings you some toe tapping, flat footing fun.