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In my house, bananas are tricky.  One of us likes em’ good and ripe.  The other likes em’ on the green side.  We tend to both miss the ideal banana and I have for a very long time talked about freezing them as they would start to become too brown.  I could use them for banana bread or smoothies.  I finally started to toss bananas in the freezer after all this thought about it.

I went to make my first smoothie with a yummy frozen banana only to realize that the skin was frozen to the banana making it impossible to peel.  The whole process was messy, disappointing, and eventually funny.  It was such a duh moment.  How could I not realize that the skin would be frozen to the banana?  I was so irritated with myself yet I’m a coach enough to know that the best way for me to understand that I should peel the banana before freezing it was for that duh moment to happen.

Years earlier I would have read myself the riot act.  How could I be so stupid?  How come I couldn’t anticipate that?  I mean, how many things had I frozen in my lifetime for goodness sake.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  It’s just a duh moment.  Don’t we have at least one a day?  Learn from them and move forward.  Don’t we cut our friends slack and giggle at our parents when they have duh moments?  Why can’t we be that nice to ourselves?

Duh moments come up quite a bit in coaching.  Especially when clients start something new.  Be it a business, an adventure, or transition to a new chapter in their lives.  Duh moments are going to happen.  If you are doing something new, how can they not?

This is where support comes in to help.  Sometimes an outside person can help you prevent a duh moment or at least remind you to have a sense of humor about it.  In our super busy, over-scheduled, never slow down lives … we can create the opportunity for more duh moments because we aren’t always thinking as clearly when we are … well … living life.  In fact, I bet a few of you will have some freezing bananas tips for me after you read this that I still haven’t thought about.

Duh Moments Happen but that’s the joy of doing something new, bold, and staying in the game.  Let’s all cut ourselves some slack.  Share some of your favorite duh moments in the comments.  We are all in this together.