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Have you ever heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” The idea is that you create an image that leaves others with an impression that you are highly successful and most importantly it gives you the confidence to know deep down to your bones that you are indeed highly successful.

This works with social media too. You know it’s true because almost all of us have been known to question the true happiness of our old high school friend on Facebook. Are they really this amazing? I say, WHO CARES? Let’s focus on you and your life.

Here are my top tips to Dress Your Social Media for the Life You Want:

1. The Profile Picture Matters. A few years ago, I had decided to start a funny, pop culture blog. My first step was a photo shoot to be silly, sexy, and fun. The shoot was a blast. I highly recommend everyone make themselves a model at least once in their lives. The blog never happened but I still love the photos that I attached to this post. How you want to feel in your life and/or your job should be represented in your profile pic, then every time you open your social media, you remind yourself of those good feelings you want to continually strive for. Think about moms with young children who are soaking in the years that go so fast. They often have their kids as their profile pics. I suspect these same moms will then move to profile pics of themselves and their new paths as their kids grow and leave the nest. The profile pic really does say so much about your life and the things you love most.

2. Would you say it on the evening news? While I do believe that the social media platforms can be used for activism, I also encourage you to think about everything you put out there. If you are in the job search, do you want a future employer to make an opinion of you based on the meme you just shared? A joke to one person can be an insult to another. No matter how locked down you believe your privacy settings are.….there is ALWAYS a way to view information. Never underestimate who knows who, especially those of you with over 1,000 friends. If you wouldn’t say it on the evening news, think twice about posting.

3. If positivity is where you want to be, Start with Social Media. My favorite part of social media is the positive connecting. We now can reach out quickly and more comfortably when we feel alone. We are in a world where we can live anywhere and still make profound impacts on the world if we choose. Or maybe just be a bigger part of our own neighborhood. Social Media is a part of that like it or not. You have opportunities to send out positivity and what you put out comes back to you.

4. We become what we attract. If you are looking for a new job, your Linkedin picture should say, I’m a future Vice President, CEO, or Creative Designer. If you are looking to build your social network, why not be sooo much of yourself that you attract others like you? We think a lot about our image, even if that means refusing to think about our image. It’s never been easier to attract what we want most.

How much thought do you put into your profile pictures? Leave a comment with your thoughts