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All great movie plots give their main character a hiding spot.  You know that part in the movie where the leading actor is exposed for all the ways they were trying to be something different than themselves.  They give their monologue on how it was all for love or their realization that they were wrong and how being themselves would have been smarter but under it all … they are really pure of heart.

The lead character retreats and the supporting cast debates the situation.  Ultimately, they decide while they are pissed, the leading character is worthy and must be found.  But, where did they go?  Wait, they all look at each knowingly and rush to the main character’s hiding spot.  Of course!  And they are always there and it all ends with tears, laughter, hugs, and a kiss.

In the movie of your life, do you have a hiding spot?  Do others know where it is … could they guess?  Where were your hiding spots as a kid?  When was the last time you thought about hiding spots?

I’m a big fan of hiding spots … Here’s 3 Reasons Why:

Recharging Your Batteries:  If I needed to find Cary … Menards would be my first stop.  If I needed to find Cousin Emily … TJ Maxx.  Shopping is often a place we find ourselves recharging our batteries.  We don’t often realize we are recharging but we know we feel better after taking our time and browsing.  This isn’t ‘errand running’ shopping, this is getting lost in our favorite store.  What are places you go to recharge?  To think?  What is that spot in your life’s movie that your people would know to look first.  Are you going there enough to feed your soul?

A Spot All Your Own:  Don’t we need something that is all our own?  Something we don’t have to share.  A place to hide-out when life is too much.  If you’re a parent of young children, this can be especially important.  Children have a way of thinking their parents are the blanket fort builders, not grown-ups with their own fort and No Kids Allowed.

For Fun:  If you haven’t thought about a hiding spot since you were 10 years old playing hide and seek, you may need to find one or two.  What an adventure!  You can check out some places around town that you’ve been curious about.  Take some hikes, check out that park you keep talking about, or stop into the new locally owned bakery.  When loved ones ask where you’ve been … you can wink and tell them one of your new hiding spots.  Let your spouse know that maybe you will take them someday and have a fun flirt around your new secret spot.

Your hiding spot should be a place that uplifts you.  A signature spot where all the joy, pain, and symbolism can be rested on as you live the movie of your life.