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*I wrote this pre-pandemic and I thought we could use a lighter topic to start off our week.  🙂

Who knows?  Who cares?

Do you own them?  Enjoy them?  Charge them by the full moon?  Have you cautiously been paying attention to the growing trend but not embraced it?  Do think this whole crystal thing is crazy?  What is the deal with all these crystals?

It’s not just crystals.  It’s all spiritual tools and trends.  The crystal industry is hard to gauge but is estimated by several economic research firms at over $1Billion annually.  We could say that Billion with a B makes this more than a trend.

As a coach, I have a few theories on spiritual tools.  In addition to coaching, I do oracle card readings because it looks and feels like mini coaching.  It’s the Instagram version of life coaching … faster and less invasive.  I believe you can be an atheist and still totally benefit from spiritual tools.

Before you atheist and agnostics tell me I’m a new age nut … our spiritual tools of choice help us pause amidst our daily life stressors.

Let me share how crystals give me pause and connect me to my intuition.

  1. Chakra Line. I keep a line of chakra inspired crystals right next to my mouse pad.  As I’m doing anything that requires my laptop … those crystals stay in my eye line.  Whenever I want to send a nasty email or procrastinate … one look at that line brings me back to focus.
  2. Selenite is known to protect or clear.  I usually have my selenite wand with me.  Is it really warding off bad energy?  I have no idea!  What I do know, is that when I feel negativity … remembering that I can bring a little selenite into a room or go to the bathroom and spin it around my head helps.  And bullsh*t or not, that pause, awareness, and recognition keeps me from catching someone else’s bad mood.
  3. Rose Quartz. If I have a busy day in my coaching practice … I have to be careful not to take Lucy into Ethel’s session.  We do this all the time.  How often are moms thinking about their annoying boss while giving the kids a bath?  You know I’m right.  And, If Ethel’s paying me good money and I’m still thinking about Lucy … we got a problem, as Ricky would say.  So, in between sessions, even if one client is walking in while the other is walking out, I put my rose quartz in my hand, take deep breaths and re-focus my mind.  Do I need rose quartz crystal to do that?  Hell no!  Does the habit of physically grabbing the rose quartz work as a perfect reminder?  Hell Yes!
  4. It’s fun and inexpensive.

Disclaimers:  I realize some people might have had bad experiences where spiritual tools were used to scare them.  I’m very respectful of that.  I swear anytime we find things to ease anxiety, a bad actor shows up to create fear.  As society understands intuition better, we have an opportunity to counteract bad intentions.  That’s what intuition is all about.  Sensing the tiger before you’re being chased.  Secondly, not all crystals are of good quality, I encourage you to find a local shop that believes in best practices.  Plus, it’s always great to support small businesses.

What do you think?  Have I lost mind?  As always, thank you for reading.  We all learn from each other.  Please consider sharing your thoughts or experiences with spiritual tools in the comments.