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Dear Snooze Button,

Who do you think you are?  Hours of my life you have wasted that I can never get back.  How dare you!  Countless apologies I’ve had to stumble through for being late.  You even convinced the IPhone to make you the bigger button than the STOP alarm button.  Tricky little &(^%^$#!

You know we’ve been broken up.  You and me.  Done-ZO!  For how long now?  At least 3 years, maybe 4.  Then, Here You Come Again, just like the Dolly Parton song.  Took full advantage of me needing to have my phone close during a recent crisis.  Not safely in the other room that forces me to physically get out of the warm, toasty bed to turn you off.  And don’t try to blame the bed, she’s a little (*&^*%#$ too, but she doesn’t promise a 10-minute pause.  And 10-minutes, what does that even accomplish?  I just feel worse.  Sneaky…

I’ve had it, I’m sharing this letter with my blog readers.  They are going to hear about how I deal with you.  I put the phone in the other room.  I heard Jerry Seinfeld during one of his stand-up shows say that, one of the great secrets to life, that no one tells you … when the alarm goes off, you are going to feel like crap.  Nearly every day.  Crappy feeling.  And if you can just accept that and get your feet to the floor quickly, you, Mr. Snooze Button have less of a chance of winning.

I know what to do this time.  Because the phone in the other room has been working so well, I had backed off my lighted alarm clock.  Also strategically placed across the room.  But silly me, I forgot how rough Michigan Winters are.  The lighted alarm is back on.  Take That!

And most important, one of the great things they teach us in coach school is how to manage spotlight.  Clearly, I don’t want to feel like a bum apologizing for being late but that’s the spotlight on me.  It stinks to be late, but I survive it.  And people are nice, especially in Michigan, they forgive me.  But when I put that spotlight on the other person and how much I want to show them respect.  Sorry, they mean more to me than you, Snooze Button!

So, it’s another break-up for us Snooze Button.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I got goals.  Dreams I’m chasing.  I’m most productive in the morning.  I’m going to honor me.  Best of luck to you.

Coach Jen

Are you in a relationship with the Snooze Button?  Thank you for reading and remember we all learn from each other.  Please consider sharing your experiences with the Snooze Button and how you get your mornings started.