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If you journal, these are great questions to journal on.  If you don’t journal, I invite you to read through and spend a few moments pondering each question for a Closure Exercise to 2017.  I think it is important to finalize a year.  Taking time to reflect on how much can happen in a year can add richness to our lives and help us build from both opportunities and disappointments.  No life experience occurs in vain.  There is a lesson in everything.

The following questions are borrowed from a fantastic site called,  This list was written by Rachel Lynette in May of 2012 for her elementary age students.  I’ve modified them slightly to make them more adult friendly.

  1. What is something you did this year that you think you will remember for the rest of your life?
  2. What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?
  3. What was the nicest thing someone at your business did for you this year?
  4. What was the most challenging part of this year for you?
  5. Where is your favorite location to be during your day? Why?
  6. If you could change one thing that happened this year, what would it be?
  7. What are 3 things you did this year to help your co-workers and/or your business?
  8. What are the 3 most important things you learned this year?
  9. What is something that was hard for you at the start of the year that is easy now?
  10. In what area of your life do you feel you made the biggest improvements?
  11. What is your favorite part of the day? Why?
  12. What is something you taught someone this year?
  13. Of the books you read or educational type videos you watched this year, what was your favorite? Why?
  14. What was the best project you completed this year? Why do you think it was the best?
  15. Which person has made the biggest impact in your life this year? Why?
  16. What is something you could have done to make this year better?
  17. What are 6 adjectives that best describe this year?
  18. Knowing what you know now, if you could write a letter to yourself that would travel back in time, what advice would you give your younger self in January of 2017?
  19. When you consider the rest of your life, what percentage of what you learned in 2017 do you think will be useful to you?
  20. What advice would you give others who might encounter similar experiences that you did in 2017?