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My public library recently had a sale.  Fill a bag of books for $3!  Can you say…”Heaven on Earth” for this book lover?  I geekly skipped around the sections when I was stopped in my tracks by a young boy…10-years old I’m guessing.  He excitedly said to another young boy in the history section, “I see your looking through the history books, do you love history too, how long would you say you’ve called yourself an historian?”  The other little boy was weirded out…I however held myself back from jetting over to hug this young historian for his massive enthusiasm.

I enjoyed that same level of unbridled enthusiasm at 10 years old for being the next Jane Pauley.  For anyone too young…Jane had Savannah Guthrie’s job on the Today Show.  As I think about this young historian and the future books he will write and his long PBS Documentaries…I have this fear…what if he chickens out like I did?

I had been crystal clear on becoming a journalist.  In high school, I sent letters to the local newspaper and television journalists…all of which responded to me graciously and I headed off to college.  Then it happened…all the 1st year college things they warn you about.  I was thrown off track.  I had other opportunities present themselves and I just wasn’t confident enough to push through the trouble.  I was logical, practical, and everyone agreed with my change in major.  Everyone will ALWAYS agree with the practical choice.  (except a great coach)  When it became time to talk myself out of the dream…I did so with gusto.  I made chickening-out look like a brilliantly sensible decision.

I will always wonder about those moments of chickening out.  I did not have the confidence I needed to stay with the original dream/vision.  Watching how the media has changed over the past several years…maybe I dodged a bullet.  What I’m most concerned about is not chickening out going forward.  How about you?

Where have you chickened out?  What did you give up for “practical” that you have regrets about?  Is there a way you can still fulfill parts of a lost dream?  What if your confidence became bigger than the dependable/logical path?  What if you could have both?

A coach can help you build a bridge back to your 10-year old enthusiasm.  So, your dream was to be an NFL Quarterback and now you’re 50.  What about officiating high school football?  Coaching little league?  Add that old passion back into your life every football season.  What if you wanted to be a fashion designer?  How about blogging, vlogging, or posting Instagram/Pinterest photos and create a whole community of people?  Maybe your community leads to a personal shopper gig or opening your own boutique in the future.  It is never too late to re-visit where you chickened out.  Maybe you just bring your 10-year old passions back into your life…just for fun…joy!

I hope my young historian finds his way to a hugely successful career in history but if he becomes a computer programmer for 20 years first…I hope he knows he’s always an historian and the world will be here waiting for him to stop chickening out and share his gifts and enthusiasm.

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