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Here’s another post I wrote a couple of months ago.  Seems like it might be a great activity for some of these strong feelings we’re all having right now during quarantine.  Bonfire season is beginning…

It’s been eye-opening coaching teens and learning how many of them enjoy writing.  I don’t know that it should be surprising because on average, 50 percent of my adult clients have commented on writing enjoyment.  I ask about writing as a coach because journaling can be a great way to sort through our thoughts.  And, as we sort through our thoughts, we tend to find relief from anxieties.  We see clear goals to set and we identify our pointless thinking through writing.

Bummer is that many of our young people aren’t journaling despite being drawn to it because of fear of who could find their writing.  I get it, I had a pesky little brother and a nosy mother.  What?  You were.  (just in case they are reading).  That fear is real and valid for any age.  Many people have written their personal feelings and been shamed when others snooped.  And truth be told, many a snooping parent has confirmed fears and saved their children from harm.  It’s a touchy line.  I get it.

It’s why I advocate for the write and burn.  Burning has been a symbolism of ritual across religions, cultures, and spirituality since humans discovered fire.  If journaling can be healing, so can the burn.  Teens especially love the idea of burning things.  But don’t act like adults don’t love it too.  The fireworks industry tops around $1.3 Billion.

Here’s how it works.  Write it out.  Write that anxiety.  The fears.  A letter to someone who you’re hating.  Be all the nasty you want.  Make lists.  A lot of people want to journal, but they fear if they sit down to start, they’ll end up writing for hours.  So, they decide they don’t have time or that it will be too emotional and instead go binge Netflix.  Just make a Top Ten List of whatever.  Ways I can do better.  People standing in my way.  Things I love.  Gratitude.  Good, bad … doesn’t matter … the goal is to feel relief, positivity, motivation.  To feel better.

Then burn it.  Over the sink, in a fireplace, SAFELY … Burn it.  As you watch it burn, say something like, “I now release this anxiety to the universe.”  “I now let go of this issue and give it to God to handle.”  “I release myself from this.”

You can do this as a family too.  If there is a fight that can’t find a conclusion.  Everyone writes down their feelings and takes a turn burning and releasing.

What do you think of this idea?  Do you think your brain might benefit from journaling?  As always, thank you for reading.  And remember, we all learn from each other.  Please consider sharing your experience with journaling in the comments.

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