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One of the things about ITunes that I love is that it tells me the year I downloaded a song. Often, I will run across a song on my playlist, see the date and take a trip down memory lane. As soon as I hear Kayne West’s, “Stronger” I am immediately taken back to the year that song was on repeat on my IPod and got me through a year-long misery. I’m grateful to that song, the beat, and the momentum it provided. It would have been my perfect theme song choice for 2008.

I recently discovered this idea of choosing a theme song for each year and I immediately loved it. It’s about setting the intention for your new year and the attitude you want to take into 2017. Because, isn’t that the best part of our favorite songs….the attitude. I’m not talking about those songs that make you think of your Aunt Bessie and smile…..those are great songs too….BUT, I’m talking about those songs that catapult you to your alter ego. Your fiercer, bolder, and more fantastic self. As your reading this, you probably started humming something that has popped into your head. Do you have a work-out playlist? A dance party playlist? Do you jam your tunes when you get ready for your day? I wake up every morning to my alarm playing OneRepublic’s “Good Life” and when I get ready to public speak, I play the beginning of Adele’s “Rumor has It” because those big huge drum beats make me feel more confident.

As a coach I want to encourage you… addition to making that long list of resolutions, or better yet, instead of..….you also designate a 2017 Theme Song for yourself. Music is powerful and the right song can help you set those intentions for your year’s goals. Then, when you feel yourself getting distracted, you load up your theme song to re-gain your focus. I’m working on trying to choose myself. I’m leaning towards Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too.” I know, I know….the lyrics are a bit arrogant but isn’t that part of the fun? And, I plan to spend a good portion of my 2017 taking time putting me first. A feat I have never done well.

So, what about you? What is your 2017 Theme Song going to be? Take your time choosing, music is deeply personal and it may be a rhythm or a beat that inspires you more than the lyrics. I would love it if you added your choice or song ideas to the comments. Let’s all inspire each other!

Here is a list of great ideas:
1. I’m Alive, Celine Dion
2. I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor
3. What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong
4. Brand New Day, Van Morrison
5. I Believe, Cher
6. Fight Song, Rachel Platten
7. Love Myself, Hailee Steinfeld
8. Stand in the Light, Jordan Smith
9. Pure Adrenaline, Garth Brooks
10. Young Turks, Rod Stewart
11. Best Day of My Life, American Authors
12. Believe, Mumford & Sons
13. Brave, Sara Bareilles
14. A Sky Full of Stars, Cold Play