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As a girl who moved away from her hometown, one of my great joys is going home to eat. Rudy’s Tacos, Whitey’s Ice Cream, and Happy Joe’s Pizza are usually first stops. Everyone I know who no longer lives in their hometown has a quick list of favorite foods stops on visits home.

Why are we so nostalgic about our favorite foods? The memories, the joy we felt as kids, and the treat it was to go to our favorite places as a family.

AND, how much fun is it to talk about food? I’ve lived in large cities and small towns and everyone talks about the new restaurants opening, the new trends, and the places with the best service. What an easy way to tap into joy quickly. Do you treat yourself to a food favorite when you need a shot of joy?

Once every blue moon, I will go and have a meal at Long John Silver’s which I know isn’t the healthiest, but it was a place that I went with my Grandma G. So, I will go and order some greasy memories and eat alone and feel like I’m 6 years old again having lunch with grandma. It brings me an instant shot of joy.

What about you? Share your favorite restaurants and foods in the comments. Mostly because I love food and I want to go try your favorite restaurants! But also, let’s kick this week off with joy and talk about food nostalgia together!! Yum…