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Stories to inspire and motivate your life written from our own experiences and personal discoveries.

Bullied at Work?

This past year of the Me Too Movement has sparked conversations around abuse in the workplace, I feel strongly that we be careful to remember that men are affected in these environments too.  We are all understanding the dynamics of workplace power in new ways. ...

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Showing Up Stinks   

Blame it on 80’s sitcoms.  You remember the ones… where the moms were always super mature and patient.  In 30 minutes, the kids would act like total idiots and the mom would smile knowingly at the end when the kid learns their lesson magically attesting that mom was...

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Easy Like Small Business Saturday

I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been a very good business neighbor.  Since setting up the office in Mattawan, Michigan, I hadn’t made it to most of my fellow small business owners’ shops and restaurants.  I decided to change that this past Small Business...

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Wendi the Beagle Teaches Self-Care

No new blog this week because I woke up with a nasty cold. Boo! Here’s the thing though, I was running my life and business at lightening speed. I kept telling myself this would happen, yet I didn’t slow down for a little self-care. So, Life/God/The Universe is...

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Why Not Try a Project First?

To take on a partner or not?  To work with a friend or not?  To get into business with family?  Could I work with my spouse? I have mixed feelings on business partnerships.  I work with my spouse.  Yet we learned from practically day one to draw firm boundaries...

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A Conversation with Pride

Pride:  Hi Journey, I hear you’re seeing a coach.  What’s that all about? Journey:  I want to move forward and reach my goals. Pride:  Why would you pay money for that?  Don’t you realize how weak asking for help looks, let alone if people find out you’re paying for...

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